About Inder Dosanjh

An entrepreneur in the automobile dealership field, Inder Dosanjh guides Fremont Automotive Retailing Group, Inc., as president and owner. Since establishing the company, he has made numerous key acquisitions, the most important of which was Hayward Chevrolet. This dealership purchase gave Inder Dosanjh access to a reliable customer base that thereafter served as the foundation for the newly created Fremont Chevrolet dealership. Among other important deals was the purchase of Fremont Cadillac, Buick, and GMC, which he recently relocated to a new facility.

Besides his commitment to the car dealership industry, Inder Dosanjh stays active in his wider professional field as a member of the Buick GMC Dealer Council, the Chevrolet Dealer Council, and the GM Minority Dealer Advisory Council.

In recognition of his career accomplishments, Mr. Dosanjh received the Group Champion Return on Sales Award from the GM Detroit Twenty Groups. For more information about his business, prospective customers can visit ChevroletOfFremont.com or call 888-340-1421.


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