A Resurgence of Quality U.S. Auto Manufacturing

Involved in the auto industry since the 1970s, Inder Dosanjh owns and operates a number of San Francisco Bay Area car dealerships. As president of the California Automotive Retailing Group, Inc., he leads Concord Chevrolet, Dublin Chevrolet, and Dublin Kia. Inder Dosanjh ‘s business benefits from a dynamic market environment in which sales of new cars are steadily increasing.

A recent Bloomberg report shows that vehicle deliveries have increased 6.5 percent and U.S. automakers are poised to sell more than 16 million vehicles in 2014. The rebirth of U.S. automotive brands reflects extensive internal restructuring since General Motors Co., declared bankruptcy five years ago. With unneeded factories shut down and production more efficient, American manufacturers are now competitive with Japanese companies such as Toyota and Honda. In the safety category, two Cadillac models are currently rated among the most effective in avoiding crashes. In addition, the Chevrolet Impala has earned rare distinction as the top U.S. sedan (as selected by Consumer Reports).

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